Pack Event - Stone Soup Hike and Meal - Oct 16, 2016

It's time for our annual Stone Soup Hike and Meal. This is the event where the whole pack gets together for a hike.

We tell the story of "Stone Soup". Along with the story we add all the ingredients to our soup as the homeless man makes his soup in the story. We then all go for a hike as the soup cooks. Then when we return we FEAST!

The hike is not only fun but it also fulfills advancement requirements.

Date: Oct 16, 2016

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Theler Wetlands Nature Preserve

Uniform: Class B (any T-Shirt with Cub Scout logos)


- Bring Folding Camp Chairs and/or picnic blankets, there will most likely not be places to sit to eat

- Sturdy shoes for hiking

- 6 Essentials for Cub Scout Hikes

**First Aid Kit (optional, we will have the pack first aid kit if needed)

**Filled Water Bottle

**Flash Light

**Trail Food

**Sun Protection


Soup Ingredients to Bring:

- Tigers: bring noodles, any kind

- Wolves: bring desert, cut/portioned

- Bears: bring bread and Butter, sliced bread

- Webelos I: bring potatoes, cut in cubes

- Webelos II: bring veggies, cut - sized so it will go into a soup

Length of Hike:

- 1 Mile for Tigers, Wolves, and Bears

- 3 Miles for Webelos